Committee Structure

  • Parent-to-Parent Support Work Group  
  • Screening & Diagnosis Work Group
  • State Plan Work Group
  • Access to Evidence-Based Assessments & Interventions Work Group

Work groups welcome input from any interested New Hampshire citizen. 
 NH Association of Special Education Administrators

Commissioner, NH Department of Education

Representing the NH Psychological Association 

Representing the Autism Society of NH

Representing the  Commissioner Department of Health & Human Services

Administrator, Bureau of Developmental Services

Representing the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities

Self Advocate, Appointed by the Governor

Representing the Governor

A family member of a person who has ASD, appointed by the Governor  

Director, Division of Career Technology & Adult Learning Department of Education

Director, Division of Instruction, Department of Education

Director, Division of Public Health Services

Representing the NH Medical Association

Director, Bureau of Behavioral Health 

Representing Community Support Network, Inc. (CSNI)

Representing the NH Institute on Disability University of New Hampshire

Office of Medicaid Business & Policy 

Representative of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network 

One Additional Member, Appointed by the Council 

A Person Who Has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Appointed by the Council 

Representing the NH Nurses Association

Representing the NH Speech Language Hearing Association, Inc 

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Council Membership
This page was last updated: March 29, 2018
The New Hampshire Council on 
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Putting the Pieces Together in the Granite State
Members of the NH Council on ASD have been appointed as per the provisions of HB 1634.  They represent a broad cross-section of the agencies, organizations and professionals that support individuals with ASD, along with family members and a self advocate.  All Council meetings are open to the public.

Additionally, the Council has enlisted the help of eight work groups to look more closely at how to implement recommendations made by the NH Commission on ASD.  To learn more about these groups, click here.  Work groups welcome any NH citizen willing to commit to working toward the Council's goals and objectives.
More than 2000 New Hampshire children and youth experience a form of autism.
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Megan Turchetti 

Cannot be filled at this time

Jan Skoby 

Elizabeth Collins, RN-BC, MS

Jennifer Pineo, NH Family Voices 

Amy H. Frechette, A.S.

Sarah Aiken, Parent

Adrienne Evans 

Bonnie Rothermal, MS

Lori Noordergraaf

Audrey Knight, RN, MSN

Gregory Prazar, MD

Erica Ungarelli 

Jonathan Routhier 

Rae Sonnenmeier, PhD, CCC-SLP

​Jane Hybsch 


Ellen Boudreau 

​Seeking Applications 

Pamela DiNapoli, PhD., RN, CNL

June Adinah, SLP 

Jane Hybsch 


Ellen Boudreau

Currently Seeking Applicants 

Pamela DiNapoli PhD, RN, CNL 

June Adinah, CCC-SLP 

Council Leadership
Sarah Aiken, Chair                                                                                    Parent, appointed by the Governor

Adrienne Evans, Vice-Chair 
Council Membership